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Laura Burnett LM, CPM



The first birth Laura witnessed changed her life. It was her senior year of college- a dear friend invited Laura to attend her first birth. Once baby Gabriel was born, Laura knew she had to become a midwife. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas in Sociology and French, Laura moved to California to enter the world of midwifery. Laura started as an apprentice in a busy midwifery practice in 2009. Feeling passionate about public access to quality maternity care and birth education, she volunteered as Student Representative for the California Association of Midwives. Laura then attended Elizabeth Davis’ Heart & Hands classes in San Francisco and enrolled at the National Midwifery Institute.

Laura traveled in 2010 to meet Ina May Gaskin and take workshops at The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee. In 2011, Laura spent 3 months at Better Birth in Utah where she experienced high volume birth in birth centers. She was elected as Secretary of the California Association of Midwives. In 2012, she passed the NARM licensing exam while 37 weeks pregnant. She graduated from NMI and had her first baby. Soon thereafter, Laura became California Licensed Midwife #362.

Late in her first pregnancy, Laura discovered her baby was breech at 41 weeks and 3 days. She hung upside down on an ironing board for 36 hours and did all the tricks, but her daughter remained breech. Never giving up, Laura decided to have a doctor added to her homebirth plan. Laura labored for 24 hours at home but her baby did not descend. After transferring to the hospital, her sweet daughter Morgan was born by cesarean. This was not ideal, but has given Laura a wealth of experience.

In 2018, Laura was pregnant with her second daughter Maeve.  Laura was determined to try for a natural birth, even if this baby turned breech. However, she knew her best bet was to do everything in her power to help her baby find the ideal birth position. With focused intention, emotional release, daily exercises and lots of self-care, her baby stayed head down. As a result, Laura birthed powerfully and triumphantly – a VBAC water birth! (VBAC:  vaginal birth after cesarean) Laura is ultimately grateful for both birth experiences.

Laura’s skills and passions include: nutrition, yoga, holistic health, postpartum care, compassionate childrearing, birth justice, wildcrafting, gardening, making herbal remedies, and learning foreign languages. Laura is a voracious reader who enjoys mysteries, historical fiction, true crime, cookbooks and nonfiction. Lately, she has been encouraging her 4 year old to hike and climb and swim underwater. Each summer, Laura and her family visit her in laws in Yosemite and camp in a tent under the stars. Lake Tenaya was the highlight of their trip this past summer.




Laura serves the Greater Los Angeles area, including West LA, Burbank, Glendale, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Topanga, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica,Venice, Culver City, Inglewood, Playa Del Rey, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and surrounding areas.